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Key qualities of women leaders



When we see powerful women in their significant roles striving to reach the heights of success and building empires, the question that stands out is – are they truly being appreciated for the unique qualities they bring to the table?


Women in general can wear many hats at the same time. Women leaders are natural multitaskers. Along with their professional life they effectively balance their personal life too. Successful women leaders can balance their roles effortlessly. They can be assertive while being compassionate, persuasive while being empathetic, a risk taker while having a cautious and meticulous approach. They can be very goal oriented and passionate at the same time.


While there is an array of qualities that make a successful woman leader, below are 5 key qualities of women leaders that will help aspiring women to deal with the challenges they will face through their journey to success  


1.     Optimistic Attitude

An optimistic attitude and confidence go hand in hand. Often optimism in women leads to a confident attitude, which is a first step towards success. A woman leader with an optimistic attitude finds opportunities in difficult situations and provides solutions to forge ahead successfully.


2.     Compassion & Empathy

Compassion & empathy are said to be every successful woman leader's secret superpower. Compassionate women leaders work towards building a collaborative culture. Women leaders understand and listen making them empathetic towards building a culture of sharing ideas, offering solutions and engaging employees for the best possible outcome.


3.     Creativity & Innovation

Women leaders are creative and innovative and they give employees the freedom to think and act creatively and to find innovative solutions to everyday challenges. Their ability to develop such a culture leads to more progressive and capable teams, which is essential for sustainability. 


4.     Harnessing Diverse Personalities

Women leaders have it in them to understand the varied personalities they deal with. Their core role is to develop, inspire, hold accountable and obtain results from the people in their team. This approach aides in developing a strong result oriented team that can help achieve organizational goals more effectively.


5.     Creating A Fun Workplace

Women have the ability to build trust and relationships, which is key to developing a culture where everyone thrives. Strong bonding driven by women leaders who believe in a fun approach leads to highly engaged and happy employees. This eventually helps develop a fun workplace where belongingness and ownership comes naturally resulting in finest outcomes at workplace.


In the companies that make up the 2018 Fortune 500 List, globally there are 24 women CEOs and locally in India, there has been a steady growth in women in leadership positions from 17% in 2017 to 20% in 2018, growing from 14% in 2014.


As women increasingly embrace these 5 unique qualities they will clearly have the edge over their male counterparts giving them the ability to blaze their path to the top of the corporate ladder. 


Will we see this lead to an accelerated trend in organizations creating more women leadership roles?

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