Our services are designed such that start-ups & SMEs can focus on their business expertise, while we bring our people expertise to their business to leverage people. We can help with all or any HR process around employees’ life cycle in the organization.

We focus on activating the 3 Aces of any business:

  • A - Attraction & recruitment of right talent
  • A - Acceleration of performance
  • A - Accountability culture for ownership & results

Modes of engagement

We provide complete support to small & medium businesses for their HR needs. We engage with them in two ways:

  • HR Outsourcing - Under this we take care of end to end HR needs of a business. We work like a in -house HR team with you taking care of HR strategy & implementation. This helps in getting the expertise and best solutions at a reasonable cost.

  • Issue based solutions - Under this we understand the business/people related challenges in a business like:

    • Not getting the right talent,
    • Not getting performance or results from people
    • High attrition
    • Employee complaints/grievances
    • Lack of clarity, focus or direction in the business
    • Lack of cooperation & team work amongst people
    • Issues with commitment or accountability of people
    • Inability to develop & grow people to take higher responsibilities

Based on the issue/challenge faced by business or leaders, we develop systems & process to take care of the challenges and give desired results. This helps in removing the bottlenecks coming in the way of business growth with minimum investment of leaders time.

Services provided to SMEs:

  • Develop of HR strategy & plan to support business plan
  • Manpower planning
  • Recruitment process
  • HR policies
  • Building a high energy & collaborative culture
  • Goal setting & performance improvement of employees
  • Compensation structuring & benchmarking
  • Rewards & recognition plan
  • Learning & development for employees
  • People Manager/leadership development

PeopleQ not just makes managing people easy, but also an extremely enlightening and enjoyable experience!